DAPP Zambias Projects with partners

KCM sustainable livelihood projects for women and youth

The Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) has been partnering with DAPP on programmes that seek to reduce poverty among vulnerable women, youth and their households through innovative livelihood and economic empowerment interventions in Chingola, Chililabombwe and Kitwe districts on the Copperbelt Province,… Read More

Scaling Up Nutrition project in Lundazi, Kasama, Mansa and Chipata Districts

Currently, 45% of Children in rural areas have stunted growth, it is widely acknowledged that, agriculture has role in mitigating child and maternal under-nutrition in Zambia through increased availability of diversified diets. With the goal of improving Children’s overall health, DAPP Zambia,… Read More

Prisoners' rights are human rights in Muchinga, Luapula and Central province of Zambia

In most countries human rights have been restricted for prisoners, the fact that a prisoner is deprived of liberty does not void all rights. DAPP is implementing the Human Rights Project in collaboration with Prisons Care and Counselling Association and PANOS Institute of Southern Africa. The… Read More

Tuberculosis in Mines Zambia project

Mine-workers in the Southern African region have among the highest rates of tuberculosis (TB) in the world. The World Health Organization estimated 9.6 million new cases of TB every year and mine-workers are, at three-times greater risk of contracting TB when compared to the general population.… Read More

Sexual and Reproductive Health for All Initiative (SARAI) Project

Family planning is important for good health of children, mothers and ensuring good spacing between the children and planning the size of the family. DAPP works with Society for Family Health (SFH) and Child Fund under the Sexual and Reproductive Health for All Initiative (SARAI) project in 15… Read More

HITACHI-DAPP Child Aid project

HITACHI-DAPP Child Aid is a three year project aimed at improving health, education to reduce poverty and improve the living conditions of families in Chongwe, Kitwe and Solwezi. HITACHI has partnered with DAPP in improving the wellbeing of the community in the operation areas project. The Project… Read More

Zambia Family Project (South Central)

The Zambia Family South Central Project is a five-year project being implemented with funding and technical support from the American People through USAID/Zambia. The operational areas for the project are Southern and Central provinces of Zambia. The Project aims to improve the care and resilience… Read More

Climate Smart Agriculture and Entrepreneurship in Young Farmers Clubs Project

The Climate Smart Agriculture and Entrepreneurship in Young Farmers Clubs Project is a two and half year Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA) funded project. The project is being implemented by DAPP in Chibombo district in the Central Province of Zambia.The overall… Read More

Rural Resilience Initiative (R4)

DAPP in cooperation with WFP, will work with 2,700 small scale farmers in agricultural extension training to overcome effects of climate change and improve livelihood and income. The Rural Resilience Initiative uses the Farmers’ Clubs program to respond to climate change and other factors enhancing… Read More

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa - Scaling Out Integrated Soil Fertility Management Technologies

DAPP Zambia is addressing the challenges of poor agricultural productivity through the Scaling Out Integrated Soil Fertility Management Technologies Project in Eastern Province. The project will work towards sustaining agricultural productivity and incomes for 20,000 smallholder farmers in Petauke,… Read More

Community School Enhancement Project

European Union supported enhancing quality of education through community school project Nearly, half of all children in Zambia attend community schools. Getting a quality education is crucial for children attending community schools. However, quality education has been overlooked at these schools.… Read More

New Start DAPP HOPE Humana Projects

The projects are being implemented in Ndola and Mongu Districts in the Copperbelt and Western Provinces, respectively. The projects are funded by Population Services International (PSI) through Society for Family Health (SFH) to provide voluntary HIV counselling and testing services, training in… Read More

Croc Shoes supporting OVC

Crocs Shoes has been supporting orphans and vulnerable children at Children’s Town Project since 2009. In 2011, the company donated 15,000 Euros for the construction of a girls’ dormitory for former street youths who go to Children’s for vocational skills training. Following the successful… Read More

Strengthening the Scaling up and Impact of Innovative food Security Approaches for People Living With HIV (PLHIV) in Zambia

This is an HIV/AIDS-related project which was funded by European Commission, and managed by Practical Action. Its aim was improve food security and livelihood resilience of 3,000 beneficiaries who are organised in 150 support groups for PLWHIV in Serenje and Mkushi Districts in the Central Province… Read More

"Integrated Support to People Living with HIV and AIDS and the Extreme Poor in Mongu District" and "Supporting People Living with HIV and AIDS to Live Healthier and Longer Live"

The two projects were implemented in Mongu, Kaoma and Senanga Districts with funding and technical support from Concern Worldwide. The aims of the projects were to reduce poverty among 3,800 people living with HIV and AIDS by improving their livelihood, health and income. The projects also aimed at… Read More

Farmers’ Club – Improved Food Security, Income and Gender Mainstreaming in Kalomo and Choma Districts

The project is being run in Choma and Kalomo Districts with funding from Stichting Humana Holland. The project is cofounded by DAPP and CETZAM and implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and CETZAM. It works in the former Child Aid project area in Kalomo and… Read More

Community Involvement in Management of Biodiversity Resources and Natural Forest in Lukanga Wetland Area

The project is presently financed by the Child Welfare Fund and DAPP and has received funding from the Global Environment Facility-Small Grants Programme (GEF-SGP) through UNDP and Keepers Zambia. The Project is implemented in cooperation with the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), Ministry of… Read More

Strengthening the Inclusion and Influencing Capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working with People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) in the Central Province of Zambia

This project which has just been completed was funded by European Commission and managed by Practical Action. It was improving the health and well-being of people living with HIV and AIDS in poor rural communities through strengthening the engagement and institutional development of organizations… Read More

The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programme

Funded by WaterAid Zambia, the project is being implemented in Samfya and Monze Districts. It is improving access to sustainable safe water supply, adequate sanitation and hygiene in schools and communities so as to improve the health of families and subsequently contribute to the attainment of… Read More

Children’s Town project

Run with support from Firelight Foundation, The Beit Trust, Croc Shoes, American Jewish World Service, Development Aid from People to People in the United Kingdom, Ministry of Community Development and Social Services and the ministry of education. The project runs a vocational training centre that… Read More

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