Clothes and Shoes Project

This is a fundraising project for DAPP in Zambia to support development activities. The project reaches out to people by providing an alternative for quality and affordable clothes and shoes to the poor, the growing middle class, and marketers who buy the commodities for reselling.

The clothes are donated by thousands of people in Europe who wish to support projects in Africa. The collection and delivery is done with the assistance with the assistance of member organisations from the Federation Humana People to People. The project pays for freight of unsorted bales of clothes and bags of shoes. To attract more customers and beat the competition from other second hand shops and street vendors, the project introduced a new sale system which ensures new items are introduced daily in the shops as well as lowering the prices.

DAPP is running 28 retail shops spread across the country and has employed over 142 workers. A project leader (shop-manager) runs each shop with three to four supporting employees for smaller shops. The DAPP project is promoting environmental sustainability, reducing emissions of green house gases and contributing to the Zambian job market by providing employment opportunities in Clothes and Shoes shops countrywide.

In 2015, the DAPP shops were upgraded and went through a complete face-lift which increased the number of customers attracted by the improved appearances. In 2015, the clothes and shoes project registered tremendous success in terms of the tonnage of clothes and shoes sold owing to the expanded customer base and a relatively conducive economic environment. DAPP sold 1,185,000 Kgs of clothes, 94,000 Kgs of shoes and served an estimated 25,200 customers in 2015.

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