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For the past 27 years, DAPP has been actively involved in long-term  developmental projects in Zambia. As a welfare society DAPP has been actively involved in long organization to create new opportunities and improve conditions for the Zambian people with a strategic focus on community mobilization and facilitation of community-based solutions to development challenges through empowerment and capacity building of people. DAPP is registered as a Zambian welfare organization and has worked in all provinces of Zambia in health, HIV prevention and care, household economic strengthening, education, Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) support, rural and community integrated development, improved agricultural practices including conservation and climate smart agriculture, women’s and girls’ empowerment and environmental conservation and protection.
In 2015, in cooperation with other development partners and the Government of the Republic of Zambia DAPP implemented projects in 30 districts, reaching over 700,000 people. These projects are grouped following the different DAPP’s programme types: Child Aid, Farmers’ Club, HOPE, Total Control of the Epidemic, DAPP College of Education and Children’s Town.

DAPP has for the past 20 years been actively involved in long-term development projects in Zambia. DAPP in Zambia is working in various thematic areas namely Education, Community Development, Agriculture and Rural Development, Health including the fight against HIV/AIDS, Economic Development and Environmental Conservation.

The organisation strives, through the implementation of its projects, to work with the needy by providing knowledge, skills and tools that empower them and their families to face and overcome the challenges of everyday life, and thereby improving their livelihoods.
As Development Aid from People to People in Zambia, we have over the past 20 years adopted a slogan “Fighting shoulder to shoulder with the poor” and we want to see people themselves become the driving force in development with structures, methods and experiences gained in any community sustained and/or replicated to other areas even after DAPP projects come to an end.
Currently, Development Aid from People to People in Zambia in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Zambia and other local and international partners in development is implementing 23 projects reaching approximately 1 million Zambians. 
DAPP is affiliated to the Humana People to People.


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