For the past 27 years DAPP has been actively involved in long-term development projects in Zambia. DAPP in Zambia is working in various thematic areas namely Education, Rural and Community integrated Development, Agriculture, Health, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, orphans and Vulnerable Children support, Economic Development and Environemntal Conservation. Read More: Welcome to DAPP Zambia


News from the projects

President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu has launched the 2018 Lusaka Province Anti-Retro Viral Therapy Saturation Surge Campaign dubbed…

DAPP Zambia hailed for Interventions on HIV and AIDS

Zambia Correctional Services Commissioner General Mr. Percy Chato has commended DAPP and other NGO’s for the role they play…
Humana People to People Progress Report 2016 and Beyond

Humana People to People Progress Report: 2016 and Beyond

The Federation Humana People to People (Humana People to People) is pleased to release its Humana People to People Progress…

The EU community schools enhancement project increases pupil’s enrollment to 45,835

The project has recorded a total of 45,835 from 34,305 increase in pupil’s enrolment as at October 2016. The increase in…

The HITACHI-DAPP project hands-over boreholes, an incinerator and a shelter

In partnership with the Hitachi Company in Zambia, DAPP Zambia sunk 5 boreholes in Lubansa, Ndango, Mukunya, Mutanuka and…

DAPP Zambia's Projectlines

Child Aid Projects

Zambia is one of the developing countries in the sub-region with high child and infant mortality rates. Malnutrition, disease, poor health service delivery, complications during birth, and high illiteracy levels among mothers, are some of the factors that send infants and children..... Read More:Child Aid...

Children's Town

Life is never adorable for orphans and vulnerable youth who languish in the streets of Zambia’s major towns and cities. It is a journey punctuated by neglect, alcohol and drug abuse, violence, harsh weather, and sometimes prostitution to make ends meet. DAPP Children’s Town is a..... Read More:Children's...

Clothes and Shoes Project

This is a fundraising project for DAPP in Zambia to support development activities. The project reaches out to people by providing an alternative for quality and affordable clothes and shoes to the poor, the growing middle class, and marketers who buy the commodities for..... Read More:Clothes and...

Teacher Training

Believing in the right to education, DAPP signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Zambian Ministry of Education in order to establish 8 Teacher Training a Colleges. DAPP Mkushi College of Education is the first teacher training college established by DAPP in Zambia in 2012. The..... Read More:Teacher...

Farmers’ Club

Zambia has great potential to become a breadbasket for the sub-region, owing to its vast fertile land and abundant water resources. However, of the 58 percent of the land suitable for agricultural production, only 14 percent is currently under cultivation. Small-scale farm..... Read More: Farmers’ Club

HOPE projects

AIDS is a major cause of death after malaria, and it is estimated that over 1 million Zambians are living with HIV/ AIDS. The epidemic has had a very devastating effect to the country at family, community and national level. HIV/AIDS has impacted people’s productivity. Given that..... Read More: HOPE projects

Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE)

HIV/AIDS is among the greatest threats to Zambians’ health and wellbeing. The impact of the epidemic in Zambia has spared no household, with most households either directly or indirectly affected by it. Most Zambians have lost either their relative or friend to..... Read More:Total...

More News

DAPP and HITACHI Company starts...

Hitachi Construction Machinery, a worldwide leading manufacturer of....

HOPE … for Shangombo

Development Aid from People to People has started a new HOPE Project in....

Former street children to gain...

In January 2014, Children’s Town stated a new course (Practical....

Films from the projects

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