125,000 OVC to benefit from the ZAMFAM project each year


The Zambia Family (ZAMFAM) project was launched on 20th January in Lusaka’s Bwafwano Community Hall were, DAPP will work with 125,000 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) each year to support the HIV epidemic control through this project.

To ensure there is an increase in household resilience, improved health, education, protection and care for the OVC, DAPP project staff will move into targeted communities, work shoulder to shoulder with the children, the care givers, and families.

Activities to increase resilience will include training individuals and families to carry out climate smart and productive farming methods, linking them to markets and agro d

Health activities will include HIV testing campaigns to promote each and every person – adult and child – knowing ones status. Improving education will include block grants to schools, bursaries to vulnerable children, training of peer educators and establishment of kid and youth clubs in the schools.ealers, establish and mentor saving groups to mention but a few.

The beneficiaries will be organized in action groups, youth clubs and support groups for PLHIV for them to mutually support each other, support each other through running a revolving loan programme, carry out study circles, establish links as a group to private sector etc.

Project funder: USAID/PEPFAR
Project Duration: Five years
Project Location: Southern and Central province
Project Partner: Creative International, Kabwe Adventist Family Health Institute and the Network of Zambian People Living with HIV/AIDS and local sub grantees (CBOs)

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