Fighting the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Zambia


As Zambia works towards achieving an AIDS-Free generation, one of the projects that has aided the country in making important decisions about its approach to addressing the HIV epidemic is DAPP Zambia CDC/ PEPFAR funded project Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE).

For 11 years since inception, TCE has been providing HIV/AIDS information, Behaviour Change Communication, HIV Testing and Counselling and Referral Services and has reached over 1.5 million people in Lusaka and Southern Provinces. 

In 2017 alone, TCE reached out to a total of 40,438 people in Sinazongwe with HIV prevention messages while in the same year working in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health, 28, 485 people were counselled and tested for HIV by TCE staff.

The project also mobilized 2,139 “passionates” volunteers taking part in the fight to stop new infections and trained community service providers including ART and TB treatment supporters and HIV counsellors.

TCE is based on the principle that individual action – bolstered by government and civic organization efforts is key to stopping an epidemic. It is principle that penetrates every initiative and is reflected in the core tenet: “Only the people can liberate themselves from the epidemics” 

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