Young Farmers Clubs

The Young Farmers’ Clubs is a DAPP innovation established in 2016 to target and motivate young people to venture into agriculture so that they can be self-reliant. The model is designed to spark young peoples’ interest and passion in agriculture by creating groups of young people who will learn together, share experiences and grow together with the support from the communities they live in. The initiative is part of the large farmers’ club model of organizing farmers in groups of 30 members to different capacity building activities so as to build their production resilience.

These platforms act as learning spaces for organized club life, training sessions, model farming, field visits, low-cost technical solutions, technical assistance, exchange of collectively gained experiences, crop insurance, links to micro finance and markets as well as internal saving among the club members.

Each club of 30 members has other subsidiary groups within the parent groups which acts as specialized service delivery points and an elected executive committee is constituted alongside the terms of reference and or constitution to guide the operations of the club.

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