Mumena Child Aid Project

The Child Aid Mumena project emphasizes on a community-based perspective, which seeks to empower individuals, families and communities to make positive changes in their own lives. Child Aid in Mumena, Kalumbile Distrit of North Western Province worked in 2021 with 1574 families organized in 60 Village Action Groups.

The project works by following the ten lines of the Child Aid Programme.

Following line 1 of improving income and food security of the family, communities were given the capability to strengthen their economic status with empowerment schemes such as Pass-on village chickens, Saving and Lending Groups, and establishment of fish farming activities.

On line 2, which is Health, the project had 10 water points improved and supported the infrastructure improvement of a health system to enhance human dignity of the patients.

Preschool Education is line 3; the project ran and provided support to 14 preschools, resulting in notable improvement in school performance at primary level where the former preschool pupils were enrolled.

In making Children active in society, as line 4 demands, the project provided a platform for out-of-school youths with capacity building and group economic empowerment ventures that included poultry rearing and vegetable growing. School clubs were also continued as interactive spaces for health and life skills lessons.

Children without parents were provided an opportunity with continued education through school tuition fees, and education material support for identified vulnerable youths in schools, as a requirement of line 5.

On line 6 for Education, the project engaged pupils in established school youth clubs to have peer educators trained, and members participated in various activities including those that imparted them with life skills.

Line 7 for District development was achieved through commemorating national days and attending meetings like the District AIDS Taskforce, District WASHE Committee, and District Development Coordinating Committee, where information was shared with the view of creating synergies.

In view of line 8 which looks at the Environment, the project conducted actions to mitigate climate change effects through lessons in improved farming methods, tree planting, and the use of firewood saving stoves.

Lines 9 & 10 accommodated cross cutting elements that included gender and women empowerment as well as low cost technologies.