Children’s Town - A Hub of Unique Education


Like the adage “A Home far away from Home”, the Children’s Town project moves children from the streets and gives them a lifelong home through the provision of skills that give healthy and produc ve lives. The project also provides basic educa on for vulnerable children from surrounding communi es, totalling 423 pupils in 2017.

The Prac cal Theore cal Basic Educa on (PTE) method integrates the training of children into one programme from Grades 7 to 9. The academic educa on goes along with a wide range of life skills as well as voca onal train- ing. Pupils learn through theory and prac cal life experiences.

The project also o ers young children early childhood development using the “Pre-school of the Future” pro- gramme. This model focuses on developing the children’s ability to use their hands, minds, imagina on and body to learn.

In 2017 the voca onal skills training yearly TEVETA exam resulted in a 100% pass rate, and so was for the result for the yearly Grade 7 examina ons.

The project has produced Level 3 Cer cate graduates in voca onal skills in Modern Chef and Food Produc on. Most of the former street children, who graduated from Children’s Town, have been re-integrated into communi- es while some have been supported with ter ary educa on.

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