DAPP promoting young agricultural entrepreneurship in Chibombo District


DAPP with support from the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA), is implemeting the ‘Climate Smart Agriculture and Entrepreneurship project’ in Chibombo District. The objective of the project is to promote youth involvement in agricultural entrepreneurship with the support of Information and Communication Technologies for climate-resilient agro-food value chains.

The project is working towards increasing youth self-employment opportunities in agriculture by promoting viable small agro-food value chain businesses among 300 young farmers in the project area. Tablets will be used in the project which will contain a farming curriculum specifically designed for Zambia; DAPP’s Farmers’ Club Facilitator and the Camp Extension Officer from Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will hold training sessions for orientation on how to operate the tablet.

The Climate Smart Agriculture and Entrepreneurship project will conduct trainings in Climate Smart Agriculture practices on demonstration plots, multiply new crop varieties, organize common marketing of crops, establish savings clubs and obtain micro-financing, learn how to process crops and market the products.

The project encourages the young farmers to take an active part in the project activities, including planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation thereby building their long-term capacity. It will further support the establishment of small agro-food value chain addition enterprises for the Young Farmers’ Clubs and promotion of entrepreneurship skills.

The duration of the project is two and a half years, its operations started in June 2016.

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