Elimination of Malaria in North-Western Province


The DAPP project named ‘Towards Malaria Elimination in North-Western Province’ started in June 2021, is a project that aims to eliminate local malaria infection and disease in Zambia, maintain malaria-free status and prevent reintroduction and importation of malaria into areas where the disease has been eliminated.

    The Project targets the following Groups and Beneficiaries:
  • Pregnant Women;
  • Children Under 5 years;
  • People living in rural hard to reach areas;
  • People living in lower altitudes and/or living close to water bodies;
  • Mobile populations such as military and police personnel, farmers and Fishermen;
  • People with Disabilities and children living in streets
    It works to achieve a Malaria free Zambia by;
  • Spearheading Community engagement for behavioral change for prevention of malaria and treatment through involvement of the traditional leadership and community structures to organize dialog meetings and cleaning actions to reduce the germination of mosquito larvae’s.The Project engages Malaria Champions coming from all community structures to take up the fight to eliminate malaria such as the Neighborhood Health Committees, Savings Groups and Cooperatives, women’s groups, schools and boarding facilities, youth clubs and faith-based leaders
  • Conducting Malaria symptom screening, testing and treatment to target groups in vulnerable communities (far from community health posts).Community Health Workers are attached to the local health Facilities and community posts and work in the communities to bring services close to the people as possible. They test, treat, give comprehensive health education about malaria risks during pregnancy, promote adherence to diagnostic and treatment protocols and conduct contract tracing.
  • Providing door to door assistance to mount, care for and repair bed mosquito nets and give awareness to community members

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