EU ‘Prisoners Rights are Human Rights Project’ to reach 1,000 prisoners


The ‘Prisoners Rights are Human Rights Project’ is a 36 months project being implemented by DAPP in collaboration with Prisons Care and Counselling Association and PANOS Institute of Southern Africa. The aim of the project is to contribute to increased protection of human rights and improved living conditions of prisoners in Muchinga, Luapula and Central Provinces of Zambia.

The project works in 8 prisons to develop cooperation between civil societies and government entities working with prisons in the targeted districts and provinces. A network of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) will be established to create a strong voice in Zambia on prisoners human rights and democratization.

The 1,000 prisoners and circumstantial children below 4 years old detainees will be provided with advocacy on health and legal services at all levels to improve prisoners’ rights. There will be an improved health capacity and human rights knowledge in detainees, prison personnel and district, provincial and national prison authorities. The project will then link detainees to existing legal support system.

Further, peer educators will be trained in health with focus on TB/HIV/AIDS, feminine hygiene, water and sanitation and nutrition amongst the prisoners. This will facilitate the establishment of psychosocial support and ART adherence groups for People Living with HIV among inmates in which best practices will be shared.

Target Areas:
Serenje and Mkushi districts in Central Province,
Mpika and Chinsali Districts in Muchinga Province,
Samfya and Mansa districts in Luapula Province

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