Mary Nyimba: From informal quarrying to thriving business lad


I am a single mother of 4. After my husband died I struggled to financially provide for my children. So I opted for informal quarrying, digging, crushing and heaping stones, which earned me little money to meet our basic needs. When ZAMFAM was established here I joined a Community Action Group and we started a saving and lending group. I got a loan of K1, 200 for a poultry business. My priority was to generate a profit to support my children’s education. I have been able to draft a plan on how to generate income and address my financial goals. My family has also improved nutrition, since we benefitted from the “pass on gift” system receiving sweet potatoes and cassava. We also learned how to improve the backyard garden. We grow our own vegetables and have learnt how to prepare vegetable dishes in different nutritious ways.”

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