Reaching more people with HIV interventions



As the world moves closer to the target of ending new HIV infections by 2030, DAPP Zambia has added 15 new districts and supporting 700 more health facilities in its HIV prevention, care and treatment program, Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE). The expansion means that TCE will now operate in all 59 districts of Lusaka, Eastern, Southern and Western Provinces and cover 1,239 health facilities across the four provinces.

The project which was started in 2006 working with the Ministry of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) empowers people at-risk to take good care of their own health, make informed decisions to reduce their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, and to adhere to HIV and other treatment as recommended by health professionals.

It is about increasing the number of people living with HIV who know their HIV status, are on treatment and virally suppressed. This is within the UNAIDS framework of 95-95-95; that’s 95% of people living with HIV (PLHIV) to know their status, 95% of people who know their HIV positive status are on treatment, and 95% of people on treatment have suppressed viral loads by 2030.

October 2021-September 2022

People tested
Found positive
of those positive put on medication



In 2022, DAPP has introduced the Sungani Bana initiative in 30 districts of Eastern, Southern, Lusaka and Western Provinces. The program has the objective of supporting children and adolescents living with HIV in order to improve their health and achieve viral load suppression. DAPP is a technical assistance partner to Ministry of Health in those districts.


The Child Aid Western project has expanded its operations to cover five districts of Western Province. The project is improving the health, welfare and living conditions of vulnerable children and adolescents infected or affected by HIV and building capacity in their guardians (caregivers) for them to provide adequate care and support. The program has enrolled 18,977 children and 6,535 families.

Reaching more people with HIV interventions

Persons living with HIV need care and support for them to live healthy and obtain viral load suppression. That in return will reduce the number of new HIV infections, as they will not infect others.

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