Young Farmers Scaling Up Agro Processing in Chibombo


With the aim of improving living conditions for rural families through increased and diversified production and improved marketing, DAPP Zambia’s Farmers’ Club model has accelerated young people’s zeal in agricultural production activities.

Picking a leaf from this model is the Chibombo Young Farmers’ Clubs in Central Province. The programme works with 300 members from 10 clubs, in improving the lives of young people by involving them in various agricultural activities.

“The programme has seen the creation of 132 gardens in which the young farmers grow various crops” Chibombo Young Farmers Club Project Leader, Teddy Zilundu reveals. 

The Clubs, supported by DAPP Zambia with funds from CTA, share agricultural information which they practice by venturing in various agricultural activities – Moringa processing being one of them. 

With its overall objectives of advancing youth involvement in agricultural entrepreneurship to promote climate-resilient agro-food value chains, the young farmers; do not just grow the Moringa tree, but also process it into powder, and later sale it in smaller affordable quantities, for various expected results to the users; among them being immunity boosting.

“We get the barks of the Moringa tree, and dry them under the sun. When they are completely dry, we pound the dried barks until they are in powder form. We then sale each 50ml container at K15, mostly to the women who want to help their underweight children” David Lupiya Project Assistant for Chibombo Young Famers Clubs explains.

The processed Moringa bark powder is a food supplement in boosting one’s immunity, while the leaves, are able to cure numerous ailments like anemia, arthritis and heart problems among many others. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that contain significant amounts of vitamin A, C, and E; calcium; potassium; and protein.

“Moringa powder is nutritious. It can make underweight children regain their normal weight and has a lot of health benefits for everyone who uses it. You can either put in porridge, or in your tea and drink”, Lupiya reveals.

The young farmers clubs, are a way of access to an organized Club Life that includes among other facilities; training sessions, model farming and links to micro finance and markets. From these facilities, the young farmers use the knowledge to realize their potential in agriculture production in order to improve their livelihoods. 

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