HITACHI- DAPP Child Aid celebrate HITACHI day at Chongwe's Chainda Clinic


HITACHI Zambia in partnership with DAPP runs the Child Aid projects in three districts, with an aim of improving health, education for poverty reduction and the living standards for families in Chongwe, Kitwe and Solwezi. HITACHI-DAPP Child Aid is a three year project that builds capacity in communities with a focus on empowerment and improving the use of locally available resources and reaches over 1,500 families in Action Groups and mobilizes the members to spearhead development in their own families and communities. Hitachi funds the projects as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility to the local communities in which they operate. 

>Since 2014, a bi-annual HITACHI day is held to affirm this partnership and empower the local community within their operational area. This year the HITACHI day was held at Chainda Clinic in Chongwe, where the refurbishment was done at the clinic through painting of the existing structures for the Clinic, promotion of good sanitation through construction of the VIP toilet and the under Five center structure is done.

More information on the HITACHI-DAPP Child Aid Project, you are urged to follow the link provided below;

The HITACHI-DAPP project hands-over boreholes, an incinerator and a shelter  

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